I started researching my family history in 1979.  At first my goal was to fill in the family tree chart in my children’s baby books.  But I didn’t stop there and became immersed in researching my family.

In 1990 I started working in a library with a small genealogy collection.  Because genealogy was my hobby I became the go-to-person for patron’s genealogy questions.  For 10 years I helped patrons with their genealogy research and along the way I also learned from the patrons as well.  During this time I continued my education in Library Science and pursued a certificate in Basic American Genealogy from the National Genealogical Society.  I continued my own research and traced some of my lines back to 1757 England, 1750 Germany, and another line back to 1800 Belgium.

I worked at another library for 12 years where I conducted classes.  In February 2012 I retired from the library and now spend my time helping others with their research and will conduct classes for groups or individuals.  I will also conduct one-on-one consultations and help you organize your genealogy research.  I volunteered in the Lake County Genealogical Society Research Room for about a year.  After being retired for a year-and-a-half, I missed the patrons, and working in general and went to work part-time in another library doing reference.  I conduct classes at this library from time to time. See my upcoming classes on the side bar.  Spend some time with me, read the stories of my family, and maybe you will get the bug to research your own.  It’s catching so watch out!

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