Old Christmas Ornaments


I have mentioned the old Christmas Ornaments from my grandmother and mother that I put on our tree every year.  Friends and coworkers have asked me to post pictures of them. I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of them this year.  I wanted to post this during the Christmas season, but ran out of time.  So now that things have slowed down a bit, here they are below. The first picture came from Germany with my Great Grandmother when she came to the U.S.  It hung on my Great-Grandmother’s tree, my grandmother’s tree, my mother’s tree, and now mine.  I am amazed that in all these years it is still in one piece.  I was warned when I was young not to touch, and my kids and grandchildren were warned.  Who knows what will happen to it once I am gone.  I hope it stays in the family.  I hope my kids will take care of it and pass it on to their kids someday.  The rest were ordinary ornaments at the time they hung on my grandmother or mother’s trees.  I have other favorite ones that were given to me or I bought over the years, but those are for another time. Pictures really do not do them justice.

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