Wedding Wednesday

My Grandparents Fred and Helen Kaiser married July 16, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois


What was your favorite childhood toy?

My favorite toy as a child was my Rita Doll.  She was a 28 inch hard plastic walking doll.  She had long blond braids.  I remember asking Santa for it when I was about 4 years old.  Years later my mother told me that my dad went without lunch for weeks and saved his lunch money to buy me that doll.  I think it ran about $28.00 which was a lot of money back then.  One time her arm came out of the socket and we had to take her to a doll hospital.  I have no idea what ever happen to her.  Here is an ad for the doll I found on Internet.


What was your favorite radio or television show from your childhood?

When I was growing up TV was a fairly new.  I can actually remember getting our first TV.  Not a whole lot to choose from when TV was new.  I remember the news came on at 10:00 PM and was only 15 minutes long.  The TV stations would sign off and there would be a test pattern.  Late night TV was a movie with long commercials.  A local car dealer would advertise a used car with Jim Moran the Courtesy Man.  I remember when they advertised cigarettes on TV.  Below is a list of my favorite shows through the 1950’s & 60’s.  My all time favorite show is Our Miss Brooks starring Eve Arden and Richard Crenna.  I now listen to tapes of the radio show Our Miss Brooks. I was born at the end of the radio era so I don’t remember listening to the radio.  I now enjoy the Honeymooners on DVD.  I didn’t watch them when they were originally on TV.  But I have enjoyed the reruns and now own the DVD collection.

Here is a list of my favorite shows:

I Love Lucy

I Remember Mama

The Stu Erwin Show

Milton Berle

Howdy Doody

Father Knows Best

Mickey Mouse Club

Ozzie and Harriet

Make Room for Danny

I married Joan

Our Miss Brooks

Life of Riley

December Bride

Wyatt Earp



Wagon Train




The Real McCoys

77 Sunset Strip

Perry Mason

Andy Griffith Show

Andy Williams Show

Car 54 Where Are you

Dick Van Dyke Show



My Three Sons

Route 66

That Girl

Then Came Bronson

Dean Martin Show

Carol Burnett

February Birthdays

My ancestor’s and family born in February

Elizabeth Bowers — February 2 , 1871

Elizabeth Reinhardt — February 10, 1881

Eva Reinhardt — February 14, 1877

My Husband — February 14, 1941*

Conrad Reinhardt — February 18, 1852

William Desens — February 18, 1893

Frances Bowers — February 19, 1900

Henry Desens, Jr — February 21. 1929

Robert Bowers — February 25, 1825

*I left the name out of living individuals.